The Five Dollar Shake is a young and modest little film blog, which explores cinema of old and new. If you’re a fan of cult, classic and art-house movies - we gotta talk!


From my first moments operating a VHS, film has remained my fundamental love. An early introduction to The African Queen and a life-consuming obsession with The Sound of Music, cemented a primitive passion for cinema…despite my poor Mother's, flinching memories of my (sensational, some might say) renditions of a million, movie soundtracks.


My love for the cinema has inspired me & motivated some of my fondest memories. It's lead me to a career lecturing Film in a college and working alongside some excellent organisations. My experiences are primarily backed by academic theory with a focus on film analysis and contextual studies – nothing gets me more excited (and flushed) than examining the anatomy of character, narrative and costume. 


In a nutshell - i'm just a little bit geeky and a little too chatty. Take a trip round my site & feel free to visit my social media platforms!

Casey Bernice Shaw

Author & Talker

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